This bag is the result of a fortunate accident. When I ran out of the wonderful glittery yarn of the lid and could not find any more anywhere, I had to alter my plan of making a map case and balance the whole some other way. The beads at the base seemed a good match to the central fiber, and the stacked pointy ones at the top seemed right. When I looked at the whole, I laughed and said, "This looks like a bad Buck Rogers movie model from the sci-fi of the fifties!"-- so my husband kindly made the launching platform I designed for it. The bag itself is semi-rigid and crocheted of chenille and a weirdly iridescent short-eyelash acrylic that I just had to repeat on the shoulder strap, over silver cording. In the lower view, the lid has been pulled up the shoulder strap: the bag opens like a map case. One also gets a good look at the floral-printed lame lining from Grosvenor Square, London.

Size: The bag is five inches in diameter and a roomy foot high. The silver-painted wooden stand is eight inches across and four inches high.

Price: $200, including stand.

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