This patchwork-like Bermuda bag is crocheted of a novelty wool yarn that actually was purchased as it appears--a running length of various coordinating wools and wool/lurex/eyelash blends in a multitude of textures and colors. It is the size and shape of an ordinary Bermuda-style bag, but the colors and move it North. The snap-closing handle is vintage sixties lucite; the shoulder strap is a hand knit cord that picks up the colors and reflects the textures of the body of the purse. Lined in a heavy teal satin, there is no added beading because with this material, more would be less......

A similar black purse, BACK POCKET, remains in stock. It is done in a lovely combination of black boucle and matching crinkle ribbon trim, both with color bits to brighten the gloom. The short handles in this one are black leather; the closure loops over to attach to the center of five graduated round black buttons with subtle inset multicolored stones in colors to pick up the subtexts in the bag (found in Covent Garden Market in London). The lining is teal satin, and there is also a buttoned pocket on the outside back.

Size: About a foot across.

Price: $125/ Both SOLD

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