This set of three purses--a dominant, full-sized one with two satellites--was created for my first fine-art show, mounted in celebration of International Women's Month at Notices The Gallery at The Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore in the spring of 1999. The main piece, the size of which is indicated by the lipstick, is a slightly larger version of the earlier black one entitled Gunmetal on the main bag page. This one is navy blue with a knitted "fur" at the top and crocheted cotton/rayon cord bottom. The beaded fringe, the beading on the handle, and the beaded sliding drawstring closure are all "oil-slick" irredescent in color. The lining is navy satin, and the handle ends in a heavy upholstery tassel, trimmed with little seed beads.

Size: Ten inches tall by five in diameter.

Price: $300, the main piece; $500, the set/SOLD

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