This set of three purses--a dominant, full-sized one with two satellites--was created for my first fine-art show, mounted in celebration of International Women's Month at Notices The Gallery at The Four Seasons Hotel in Singapore in the spring of 1999. This smaller piece, the one in the center in the "group shot," is a flat pouch made of all the same materials as the other two in the set. This one, which looks like a miniature Scottish sporran with a course of beaded fringe at the bottom, opens by unbuttoning the beaded-fringe tassel at the center-top of the bag. The medium-weight cord can be worn short by pulling it up from both sides or very long, pulled up at the back, and across the body so the purse rests at the hip.

Size: Interior measurement three inches by three inches.

Price: $125, this piece; $500, the set/SOLD.

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