The color of this custom-ordered soft-textured but firm-bodied purse was selected to match a new family car! In order to provide the best match, the "best" yarn for the project turned out to be this specially made and hand-dyed acrylic fiber from a small but exclusive yarn-producing firm in the United States. The warmth and radiance of the dyes made further ornamentation superfluous, so the bag closes merely with a button-through one-of-a kind, iridescent blue hand-made art-glass bead. The silver toned handles were located in Singapore. The lining of the bag is blue satin that picks up the dominant blue of the knitted outside but it also has a surprise pocket of Chinese embroidered silk.

Size: Approximately seven inches wide by six inches high, exclusive of handle.

Price: $250/SOLD

A variation of this bag, called MERCEDES ROADSTER, is entirely silver fuzz on a gold base with crystal beading feet and mirror-glass antique button, with matching stole. Now also SOLD.

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